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[August 28th, 2006 » 2:44am ]

Lostprophets U.S. tour this fall!
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[September 10th, 2005 » 10:39am ]
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[August 28th, 2005 » 9:26pm ]

[ mood | happy ]

Amazing band.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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n00b [August 27th, 2005 » 3:16pm ]

[ mood | interested ]

what up? i just now joined this community in an effort to learn about more hardcore/emo/screamo bands. i just recently got into the likes of circle takes the square, hot cross, swing kids, moss icon, indian summer, pg. 99, portraits of past, rites of spring, embrace (dc), and envy. i wanted to find out about more bands similar to these.

any suggestions? (band - album)

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Bear Vs. Shark [June 29th, 2005 » 1:47am ]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hey there,
Racket Magazine has a fun new interview with Bear Vs. Shark, check it out! Also, check out our MySpace page and let us know what you think of it!

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We need help [June 26th, 2005 » 11:42pm ]

[ mood | accomplished ]

We are creating the Scene Wars points value system, and need your help. I'm going to list all of the things that could possibly give someone scene points just from a picture, you tell me how many points each is worth (1-5). Also, list any I did not, and add the point value.

Positive points:
White Belt
Band T-shirt
Random thrist-store esque shirt
Razored hair for boys
Razored hair for girls
pixie cut/short bob cut for girls
bleached chunk
bleached chunk then dyed
white-boy fro
facial piercings
tattoos (a few)
tattoos (a sleeve)
Tight pants
tights with mary janes
bandana in pocket
tight pants with holes in them
Brightly colored shoes
Picture taken of themself
picture taken of themself in mirror
picture taken from some obscenely high angle.
"xXx" in black electrical tape
holding a sign
track jackets
80's TV show shirt (Obviously from Hot Topic)
patches on pants
somehow being able to wear you pants buckled below your ass so that the entire world sees your track marks.
Dress coat over t-shirt
Bright colored Makeup
hardcore band hoodie

Negative points:
spiked hair (anime style!)
Abercrombie, Gap, Old Navy or Hollister shirts
healthy tan
cargo shorts
chola style lip liner (brown outline especially)
High school PE shirt
College hoodie
parted hair
baggy jeans

That's what I've got so far, kick back some ideas, here.

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Daphne Loves Derby [June 22nd, 2005 » 12:20pm ]

[ mood | excited ]

Hey there! We here at Racket Magazine are doing an interview with Daphne Loves Derby tonight at the El Rey Theatre tonight in Los Angeles, but we're coming up short on questions. We could always ask the same old boring questions like "how's tour?" or "what was recording like?", but to be honest, we hate those questions. We hate asking them, bands have already answered them 8 million times, and you are tired of reading them. Now's your chance to find out what you want to know! Leave us comments with the questions you are dying to know the answers to! We are looking for questions that bands have probably never been asked like, "Have you ever tried a Milkbone?" or "Do you hate tomatos as much as I do?" Also, feel free to Add our MySpace page!

OK, kids, let 'em rip! And don't forget, we still have plenty more interviews coming up! Marathon, The Gym Class Heroes, Thrice, Fall Out Boy, and tons tons more! Plus, we already have some on our site! Check it out!

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Over It Interview [June 21st, 2005 » 11:54am ]

[ mood | accomplished ]

As we here at Racket Magazine get ready for our coverage of Warped Tour '05, we hit up the band Over It when they came through Pomona, CA. Check out our interview on the front page, and feel free to add our MySpace page!

"I never understood MySpace, from what I understand, it's like baseball cards, but you collect friends instead."
Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy during an interview with Racket writer Jeff Curtis.

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Tegan and Sara Interview [May 27th, 2005 » 8:36pm ]

Hey there Tegan And Sara fans, please check out Racket Magazine where we have a brand spanking new interview with Sara! While you're at it, please take a look around the site and let us know what you think. Thanks!
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Rocket Summer Fans! [May 15th, 2005 » 5:15pm ]

Hey there, just wanted to let you know that we over here at Racket Magazine have an interview with the fine young man, Bryce Avary of The Rocket Summer! Please check it out and let us know how you feel about it!
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intro [May 15th, 2005 » 11:23am ]

[ mood | happy ]

Hi, I'm new...I'm 17 and from Michigan... a few of my favorite bands are Jenoah, Mae, and Boink. I play guitar and love going to shows.
And I think you should all check out these guys if you haven't heard of them b/c they're awesome! : This Providence

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XXXXX [May 2nd, 2005 » 9:30pm ]
hi guys. my name is justin and i like music.
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TRF this monday in LA! [April 30th, 2005 » 10:00pm ]

The Rosewood Fall will be playing the
Troubadour in Los Angeles on Monday, May 2nd at 10:30pm.
The best part is that the show is FREE, unless you're under
21 and then it's $3.

If you have any questions at all about the show or anything
else please email your question to info@rosewoodfall.com

Spread the word on this show and go :)
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[April 24th, 2005 » 7:51pm ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
something corporates andrew mcmahon has a new band!!

New Jack's Mannequin Tunes
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[March 18th, 2005 » 11:43am ]

Ari Thanos is the March band of the month at MIHAVEN!!
Check out an exclusive interview and album review at

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The Rosewood Fall [February 28th, 2005 » 5:32pm ]

Hey hey hey

I'm here to talk about the Rosewood Fall.

Some consider them emo, some don't. Take a listen and decide.

Listen: http://www.myspace.com/therosewoodfall

Website: http://www.rosewoodfall.com

- nicole
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[January 13th, 2005 » 4:36pm ]


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ari thanos - new demo [January 12th, 2005 » 7:59pm ]

we have a new demo up on purevolume entitled "I alone have escaped to tell you."

check it out here-----> http://www.purevolume.com/arithanos
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Cello-Driven Indie Rock - Ari Thanos [December 24th, 2004 » 11:35pm ]

I street team for a band called "Ari Thanos" from Flint, Michigan. Really cool ambient indie, with a cellist!!

you can check them out at:


Their debut album is being released January 7th, but you can order it online w/ Paypal now!

Visit this link to order The Grace of Fashion is Dead and other Ari Thanos Merch:
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[December 20th, 2004 » 7:42pm ]

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