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Listen to the breaking noise [entries|friends|calendar]

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[December 8th, 2004 » 10:39pm ]



check em out
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[November 11th, 2004 » 9:28am ]


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[November 7th, 2004 » 1:32am ]

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Want some free Thursday merch? [November 3rd, 2004 » 1:17pm ]

Hey everyone. Do yourself a favor, check out this contest from Thursday. If you enter to win you have a chance at a free digital camera and free Thursday merch. While you're there, check out their ad campaign speaking out against puppy mills and urging people to be resposible! Thanks. :)

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[October 19th, 2004 » 4:26pm ]

[ mood | excited ]


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Lostprophets Contest @ Soundnova.com Ending [October 12th, 2004 » 2:10pm ]
The Lostprophets contest brought to you by Soundnova.com and Columbia Records is ending soon.

If you haven't entered yet, visit us @ Soundnova.com

A Coheed & Cambria contest is also wrapping up, as well as a new set of Atreyu photos.

[October 10th, 2004 » 1:36pm ]

[ mood | cold ]

Hi, I'm new to the community, and I haven't really listened to emo for too long, but I know that I love it. Can anyone give me suggestions of some new bands I can listen to? I've pretty much exhausted Something Corporate, Dashboard, and Yellowcard.


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Tear open my chest. I'll try not to flinch... [September 19th, 2004 » 3:32pm ]

[ mood | cold ]

Today, I definetly want to go by the fall out boy cd because i lost mine. I've lost so many CD's lately. I think my brother is stealing them...and sooner or later my cd will appear, i will listen to it & he will know every word somehow. happens often.

<3tiffani lee

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[September 15th, 2004 » 6:04pm ]

hey guys, i'm new.
17 and from new york.
i am mainly a pianist,
but i play guitar as well.
music is life.

i'm in desperate need of a new acoustic cd. feeling left out has most of my heart, but my other favorites include remember maine, the honorary title, the spill canvas, anorexic beauty queen, and the lyndsay diaries. i would love any suggestions anyone could give me.

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[September 3rd, 2004 » 1:27pm ]

hey everyone!! this is quite awesome! has neone heard of billy talent? and have their new cd. cause quite frankily i think its fricken awesome CD!! he was awesome at warped tour!! who else went?? to warped at darien lake and saw him??
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[September 3rd, 2004 » 11:25am ]

[ mood | creative ]

hey! new to the community.. i'm desperate for a brazil icon for my xanga. i have a little theme goin..please help. <333

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[August 30th, 2004 » 2:24pm ]

How many of you went to warped at Darien Lake?
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[August 25th, 2004 » 10:46am ]

[ mood | blah ]

HI. ive been apart of this community for awhile. BUT anyway emotion is my middle name. and I like the music.

we're gonna die like this you know
miserable and old
really gotta hand it to you
really gotta hand it to you
are you possitive
absolutely sure
well just get dressed, don't do this
just get dressed, don't do this

spend the night late listening to miles davis
you said it makes you want to fall in love
or be smart enough to keep your distance
you can't decide, you can't decide

Taking Back Sunday.

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New. [August 20th, 2004 » 3:46pm ]

[ mood | cranky ]

Im new here. i love all emo/screamo/rock bands. emo most of all.

underoath is the best ever. and you all should check out october fall. they are awesome as well.

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Lostprophets Contest @ Soundnova.com [August 11th, 2004 » 2:31am ]
Just stopping by to let you know a new Lostprophets contest is available over @ Soundnova.com

[July 29th, 2004 » 2:27pm ]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

wat up every1. i jus joined a few mins ago. um im andrew, im 16, single, live in mass, i play hockey, i LOVE music. absolutely love it. i play hockey. if u wana talk to me go to my el jay and get my sn or sumthin...and if u like me, add me, im always lookin for new pals on my el jay.

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For those into Hardcore and Post-Hardcore [July 16th, 2004 » 1:42am ]

[ mood | pleased ]

...and a hint of red is an awesome band from Littleton, Colorado I would like you to check out. And if you'd like to know more about the band, here's their website.

Have fun kids! <3

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[July 7th, 2004 » 8:32pm ]

Anyone and everyone who reads this.. I'm dead serious.. PLEASE fill this out and leave a comment. Put in one word though.

_________ my life away.

Just put a verb that fits what you feel into were the line is and leave a comment. Thank you so much.
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[June 16th, 2004 » 6:50pm ]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I got bored&made a lil-mixed CD about two nights ago; hot shit mhm.

01. throw the fight - place the blame
02. throw the fight - 13 hours
03. throw the fight - lies
04. farewell anthem - sunday song
05. pgs - always one
06. pgs - postcard from santa fe
07. pgs - part of me
08. the academy - the author
09. june - zeda
10. june - forever, forgetful
11. june - ropes, barrels, and windows
12. primetime heroes - negatively charged
13. primetime heroes - all the brighter lights
14. october fall - the movie script
15. royden - murder of an acbatross
16. royden - made in lies
17. race the sun - as wings develop
18. a thorn for every heart - next of kin
19. a thorn for every heart - summer so bleak

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[May 16th, 2004 » 7:33pm ]

[ mood | happy ]

i think you all should check out the band SayAnything (it could also be Say Anything [with the space in there]).


i love them!

other sites:

other good bands:
a second chance
matchbook romance


xox -- kris -- xox

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