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Hi, I'm new to the community, and I haven't really listened to emo for too long, but I know that I love it. Can anyone give me suggestions of some new bands I can listen to? I've pretty much exhausted Something Corporate, Dashboard, and Yellowcard.

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Tear open my chest. I'll try not to flinch...

Today, I definetly want to go by the fall out boy cd because i lost mine. I've lost so many CD's lately. I think my brother is stealing them...and sooner or later my cd will appear, i will listen to it & he will know every word somehow. happens often.

<3tiffani lee
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hey guys, i'm new.
17 and from new york.
i am mainly a pianist,
but i play guitar as well.
music is life.

i'm in desperate need of a new acoustic cd. feeling left out has most of my heart, but my other favorites include remember maine, the honorary title, the spill canvas, anorexic beauty queen, and the lyndsay diaries. i would love any suggestions anyone could give me.

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hey everyone!! this is quite awesome! has neone heard of billy talent? and have their new cd. cause quite frankily i think its fricken awesome CD!! he was awesome at warped tour!! who else went?? to warped at darien lake and saw him??