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Listen to the breaking noise

Vol. 4 of our broken hearts

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Anybody , Moderated

Hiye kids! This is a community where you can talk about mixed tapes/cd`s/bands/shows.
Post track listings of your tapes/cd`s/playlist.
You can trade tapes/cd`s with someone, that is your own choice.
If you don`t want your information PUBLIC, please contact the person VIA e-mail/aim/aol.
You can request a trade of music if you want and see if someone can help ya out.
You can promote other bands or your very own band if you`d like.
Band pictures/stories whatever, just music related.

This isn`t just EMO it can be whatever you want.
Emo, punk, poppy-punk, post-hardcore, hardcore, indie, etc.

Make sure you introduce yourself&ask some friends to join!

Questions/comments/concerns: amberly